Bad Paper

Bad paper discharges have come a long way in Connecticut thanks to the help of: The National Veterans Council for Legal Redress, Steve Kennedy, Thomas Burke, & Yale Law School's Jerome Frank Legal Clinic.

VetFuel of Connecticut is ever vigilant in bringing you up to date & concise legal information as it develops. 

Due to a recent grant donation by the Werth Foundation, Vetfuel will be coming to a city near you in 2019 with community information gatherings. Check our events tab from time to time for dates!

If you've been subject to an other than honorable discharge, commonly referred to as a “bad paper” discharge, please follow the link below to Stateside Legal, & use thier online tool.  

VetFuel understands that as a solider you may have been subject to P.T.S.D., Military Sexual Trauma, Opiates, &  Carcinogenic Burn Pits. We understand these events may have had an affect on you. Know that no one can ever take away the honor of an American Soldier.

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