Friday, April 3, 2020

VetFuel, Inc., is a (501-C3) non-profit agency based in New Haven, CT. and was created with the help of Yale Law School's Jerome Frank Legal Clinic. The directive of VetFuel is simple: Offer all of Connecticut's Veterans seamless assistance with mobility, health access, & means tested advocacy for the purpose of reintegration into civilian life.

Incorporated in 2014, our board is made up of veteran & non veteran advisers that seek to eliminate socioeconomic & geographic health disparity among Connecticut's veterans. To spearhead this mission we've appointed Mr.Drew Messore as C.E.O. A veteran advocate for the last ten years, Drew holds Master's degrees in Public Health & Urban Planning, from Southern Connecticut State University.
For your peace of mind we want you to know that VetFuel,Inc. is registered with the State of Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection as a charitable solicitor.

Our Department of Consumer Protection License Number is: 
00-59963 & VetFuel’s I.R.S. / E.I.N. number is: 47-4083670.'State%20of%20Lung%20Cancer'%202019%20-%20Epilepsy%20Awareness%20Month%20-%20VetFuel